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Athlete Spotlight: Jerome Mickle

We’re stoked to be supporting Jerome Mickle (@da_mechanic_) in his fight this weekend.

Jerome has a background in Judo, boxing, Dutch-style kickboxing, and Kiyoshin Karate. He’s been competing for over 10 years since he first picked up fighting as a sport. He’s won and defended his welterweight division title multiple times before going pro.

Fun fact - Jerome broke his hand in the first round of his debut fight. Despite that, he's continued fighting and moving up ever since.

Jerome spends his free time training, gaming, and hanging out with his friends and family. He’s determined and chasing his dreams - from fighting in the back of boxing gyms to now competing in various states, he’s aiming to become a full-time fighter so he can provide for his family.

His fight is this Friday, October 29th, in Manchester, New Hampshire. The fight will be streamed - you can access it from Jerome's bio @da_mechanic_ on Instagram. Check him out if you can - we’re rooting for him!